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Remote Relationships: Enhancing Employee Engagement Online

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

เสริมสัมพันธ์องค์กรระยะไกล สร้าง Employee Engagement บนโลกออนไลน์

The amount of salary and job responsibilities may not always be the factors that keep your employees engaged with the company for a long time. If they lose interest or motivation in their work, they may not be able to unleash their full potential. They may become bored and complacent, eventually leading to submitting their resignation. This would result in the company losing valuable employees to its competitors and requiring time to find new replacements. It's evident that it takes time and effort to align and integrate new employees into the organization. Therefore, one important thing that an organization can do to retain and inspire its employees is to create employee engagement, which encompasses their mental state, emotions, and feelings. All of these contribute to their internal motivation, igniting a passionate work attitude and maximizing their efficiency.

Even if your business has well-thought-out strategies or business models, without a strong workforce, it will not be able to achieve the desired goals. Believe it or not, one vital aspect of organizational development is employee engagement, which refers to the sense of commitment employees have towards their work and the organization. This transformation of mindset and attachment to work and the organization itself can lead to positive behavior that helps propel employees to have a long-lasting work attitude within the same organization without changing their minds and seeking opportunities elsewhere, even if they receive offers. The most crucial aspect is their dedication to working to the best of their abilities and skills. The ultimate outcome is success that may surpass the initial expectations.

In this digital era where everything has shifted online, many organizations are seeking ways to adapt and find new methods to create employee engagement through various platforms and online approaches. All of these efforts aim to invest in maintaining the employee commitment to the organization and not letting it diminish or fade away. Here are some ways your company can build employee engagement in the digital era.

Recognize the value of their work:

The Work From Home system, which has become the new way of working after the New Normal, creates a distance between employees and the company. However, despite this, the workload assigned to each employee may not decrease accordingly. Often, employees may feel overwhelmed with work, and no one acknowledges their efforts. Some employees might begin to question their presence in the company, which could lead them to decide to resign, thinking that the company does not appreciate their importance. Do not let your employees fall into such a situation. Create platforms that make your employees aware that the company values them and recognizes the significance of their work.

Train and develop skills for the future:

Each employee has unique and outstanding skills and attributes. Leveraging these existing qualities can help them progress towards their own success. Providing suitable training to develop soft skills is something that organizations can arrange. It is an investment in individuals that not only adds value to your employees but also contributes to the success of the company as a whole.

Virtual activities to foster connections in the virtual world:

Teamwork is another crucial factor that drives an organization forward. Developing relationships among team members should not be overlooked. In this era where everything has shifted online, organizing activities that foster relationships through virtual platforms is a practical and viable idea. Consider arranging virtual team-building activities to provide opportunities for your employees to get to know each other and spend time together. Alternatively, create small Virtual Communities to strengthen the relationships between employees within the organization.

In addition to building employee engagement, remember to provide resources and tools to facilitate your employees' work and enhance their productivity. Ensuring a comfortable and conducive work environment, both physically and mentally, will contribute to employee satisfaction and overall success.

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