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5 HR Trends To Look For In 2023

When the world spins and time changes, trends also change. New trends emerge, replacing the old ones that used to be prominent. The work of HR is no different. There are new and interesting topics that allow us to familiarize ourselves and adapt to them constantly, all for the benefit and convenience of achieving the highest efficiency in the organization's operations.

As the new year approaches, we take this opportunity to introduce you to 5 HR trends worth keeping an eye on, to prepare you for the upcoming year 2023.

1. Hybrid Work - Adding workday balance

We have become quite familiar with working from home or working from anywhere to some extent, especially in the past 2-3 years where many companies have turned their attention to adopting this work style for their own organizations. However, working in this format may not be suitable for every organization and the changing times. Therefore, a new work style has emerged, called hybrid work, which combines office work and work from home (WFH) in a proportional manner depending on the nature of each profession. Working at the office facilitates better collaboration among employees, while WFH can enhance work efficiency. It can be seen that many organizations have started to embrace this approach in the past year.

2. Well-being - Because health is more than just physical well-being

Having good well-being has become a new topic that companies must include in their employee benefits. Burnout, which can occur among employees, does not have a positive impact on the overall image of an organization. Therefore, HR plays a crucial role in taking care of the overall well-being of employees, including physical health, mental health, and financial status. All of this is aimed at the business growth of the organization.

3. DEI - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as one

DEI is a new trend that has been discussed in the past year. It stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, which means accepting the diversity of employees, treating everyone with equal opportunities, and providing access to company resources for efficient work. DEI represents a new organizational culture that focuses on creating happiness within the employees, allowing everyone to grow in the same direction together.

4. Metaverse - A new space for various activities

The Metaverse trend in the past year has shown us how virtual communities can play a role in our world. More and more people are starting to be part of this virtual world, and it seems to be growing continuously. What organizations can do is start building their presence in the Metaverse and create spaces for activities such as events, conferences, or welcoming new employees. HR plays a part in driving this transformation.

5. Soft Skills & Hard Skills - All skills matter

Certainly, the role of HR is to find personnel with the abilities that benefit the organization. However, in this era, employees need to possess a combination of soft skills and hard skills. Therefore, supporting employees to develop soft skills can be done by providing interesting courses to choose from or inviting experts for guidance. This not only creates high-quality employees but also fosters employee loyalty.

These are just some of the trends worth keeping an eye on in 2023. Don't forget to explore and adapt them to your organization.

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